Probably, the most complete platform for EV charging stations in the world.


Chargelocator Quality Rating

First EV Charging stations Platform with a quality rating system.


Innovative and exclusive information

Charging rates, on-site phone number, access details , tehnical specifications and quickly update of new points


Dynamic information where available

One of the first “third party” platforms in the world to include dynamic information


Día a día incrementando las regiones con cobertura

Based on the strategic plan of Chargelocator we are including new regions.

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Presentación de APP para Android y colaboración con Ayuntamiento de Barcelona

Los usuarios de Android ya pueden disfrutar de la APP Chargeloccator. El mismo día la plataforma LIVE y Chargelocator han presentado la iniciativa de colaboración en común para promoción del VE Ver noticia

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Why an electric vehicle (EV)?

 There are lots of attractive reasons to buy an electric vehicle. After many years of in the automotive industry, in my opinion the EV is only alternative choice to the wide range of models and brands now on the market.
 It´s true that EV has ecological advantages and receives favorable treatment from governmental policies, however these arguments don´t seem to be strong enough to overcome the price premium that potential owners presently have to pay.
 An EV is another alternative for drivers and it is the EV way of driving, your needs and the EV philosophy-branding that will determine if you choose an electric vehicle as your mode of personal transportation.
 An EV is not overly expensive if the number of electric cars being produced around the world is taken into account, the development expenses have not yet been amortized by the manufacturers. Nevertheless, the most important argument justifying the price is the level of satisfaction of the users.
 It is obvious that as we get to know, and have more experience with, electric cars and more vehicle and models become available and the existence of tools as Chargelocator increase. The number of companies and drivers buying this kind of vehicle will increase. In the coming years we will see if electric vehicles become an affordable product for a family economy and therefore increase their market share.

Chargelocator CEO