Chargelocator GmbH & Co. KG and Electromaps S.L.

merged to Electromaps powered by Chargelocator



The joining of the forces leads to world's biggest charge hotel database and the most international information source for electric car long distance travellers including routing functionality.


All data saved at Chargelocator databases can be seen, accessed and edited now at the electromaps website


Actually this website is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The version in German and other languages is planned to be published in 2017.


Our aim is to provide you a free of charge system where you can easily find all free of charge stations around the world.

For all other charge systems an international billing system is under construction which will enable you to charge at best prices with just one contract doesn't matter which country you are coming from and which country you are driving through.



Safe driving,


Rafael de Mestre

CMO/CSO Electromaps S.L.

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